It all started when two year old Victoria Evangelina picked up a
pencil and began interviewing her Mom on the vital question of the
dinner’ menu. A year later, she requested her grandma empty a desk
drawer for her needs. “But you do not have anything to put into it
yet,” said the elder lady. “Once you have a drawer, the content will
appear,” reasoned Victoria Evangelina. From that time on, she kept
adding to the “drawer” of her writings via hundreds of internationally
published articles and columns.

While she was studying Law and Journalism, Victoria Evangelina worked
in Public Relations and Communications Management and later devoted
five years to work in the field of International Human Rights Law.
Daily witnessing the misfortunes of many, Victoria Evangelina began to
understand the flows of energies of cause and effect in this world.
She saw how these flows were created by everyone separately and by all
of humankind as a whole. She stared questioning the value of her fight
against “wrong and bad” versus promoting peace and harmony. At that
point her search in personal and spiritual development grew into a
newly discovered life’s mission.

Victoria Evangelina treasures her studies with the Queen of Feng Shui
Ms. Lillian Too ( as one of her
greatest life-changing events. She learned the magnificent
interconnectedness of inner and outer energies and the vital
importance of their harmony for everybody’s well being. A certified
Feng Shui consultant, she now has the valuable skills and tools to
create harmonized physical surroundings for the highest personal and
spiritual development for people in her life. She especially treasures
the ongoing friendship with her teacher Mrs. Lillian, which brings so
much wisdom and insight in Victoria Evangelina’s world outlook. 

In 2009 Victoria Evangelina was accepted for a PsyD in Clinical
Transpersonal Psychology with the Institute of Transpersonal
Psychology ( and she plans to start her
studies in Autumn 2010.

She is an aspiring and a very enthusiastic student of all things
Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Intuition.

Stay tuned for her new blog, coming soon!


Victoria does tarot card readings using The Deck of Shadows.

The Deck Of Shadows is the master creation of Scott Grossberg and available at:

One Response to “Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya”

  1. Lovely story of your own transformation into awareness of our global unity. Congratulations for being accepted into this amazing program. I look forward to the follow-up.

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