by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends!

It is 5am in Uzbekistan and I have just finished my first ever 2-hour episode on air. Ed Peterson, my wonderful co-host and initiator of the Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina show invited an awesome guest for the start of 2011: Debra Clement, an Instant Astrologer with 20 years of experience and…. a lawyer. Yep, the 2011 for us started with THREE Lawyers on air doing “woo-woo” things like Astrology, Numerology and Tarot and Feng Shui 🙂 For those of you, who did not know: I graduated from Law School and worked for 5+ years in “the system”; Ed was a Law School student as well… what a life, lol

I will NOT tell you what an incredible professional Debra is. Can tell you this much though: I am arranging a 2011 full astro reading with her, and I am sure some other readings too (check her website for the full selection of Private Consultations) AND I am looking into joining her online Astrology classes! Yes, I already have too much on my plate, but Ed reassured me that my numbers say I am going to be in the 6 of Wands energy after my birthday on February 26th, so I feel confident adding some Astrology learning with Debra to my To Do List 🙂

This show was indeed special. Debra was with us during the first hour; the second hour Ed and myself were giving Numerology and Tarot readings, and it was a very soulful experience. Thank you for calling in, thank you for listening in and thank you for letting us know that we are needed and appreciated.

My deep gratitude to my amazing co-host Ed Peterson: you’re the STAR and I am looking forward to see what the 2011 brings you: after all, the card for your professional life was 8 of Clubs: Discovery, Message, Awareness, Revelation;

my sincere THANKS to Scott Grossberg for his easy-to-operate yet lovely insightful Deck of Shadows. I love it!

And my humble appreciation to all of those who are supporting me on my “double Pisces” psychic quest…

Happy 2011 and may you as usually be surrounded by Angels and Spirit guides and be AWARE of it and able to INTERPRET the messages they send you every moment of your Journey on Earth.

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All the way from sunny IBIZA Dale and his partner Tamara will talk with Victoria and Ed about sun and sand and warm waves and music…. ooops, we meant, TAROT AND ASTROLOGY of course! …and if Victoria won’t get too distracted you’ll get your Feng Shui advice, too! (she WAS distracted, so no Feng Shui but you can hear about her heritage and plans for the Summer 2011 🙂 Join the FUNdamental experience of SUNNY Tarot and Astro readings for 2011! Check out Dale and Tamara’s websites: and

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by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Many a time Inappropriate Tarot Readings made me laugh and wish for more and I was quite a bit surprised to discover that the man behind this application, the one, known to the Tarot Community as the Tarot Junkie is a serious guy, who discovered Tarot…

oops, I shall stop right here and let you go to the archives of our show to discover who Dan Donche really is 🙂

We talk about Dan’s witty Tarot Junkie website and the Inner Badass Channel: a new network that is supposed to “bring out the best in all of us” 🙂

Listen to the 11/27 episode for some REAL JUNK-ey EXPERIENCE~!

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

“Keep in mind that the Tarot is a direct pipeline to your intuition.
The cards that you choose will reflect your state of mind.
And they will also reveal information your unconscious
picks up that your conscious mind is not yet aware.”

Ellen Zucker

Ellen Zucker’s  Using Tarot to Access Your Intuition FREE e-course is a fortune that arrives directly to your inbox after signing up at I won’t tell you more because if you are interested in either Tarot or intuition (no, you do not have to be a Tarot enthusiast to use this course to develop your intuition! But if you are willing to expand your Tarot knowledge this is the right place to go to!) I highly encourage you to try it for yourself.  I found a lot of practical applications in it, and when I learnt that in 2011 Ellen is going to have online classes Tarot Strategies and Astrology is More Than Your  Newspaper’s Sun Sign Column I have booked my place immediately! There are other classes offered, too, check them out.

Ellen is a double Pisces and if you have not been blessed by spending enough time with a Pisces… well, you won’t be able to imagine what a double Pisces is! I am a Pisces too, and am told to have 13 personalities; I am sure Ellen has even more but they all are governed by a practical Taurus, which helped her, after leaving the corporate world where she had a steady career growth for 18 (!) years, start her own business of bringing Tarot and Astrology to people via Faces and Fortunes, her smart business of  “helping thousands of clients transform parties into memories that guests cherish for a lifetime” via offering unique entertainment that gives each guest a tangible, personalized souvenir:  caricatures, Tarot and Astrology mini-readings.

Ellen has a BTR show about current Astrology trends and happenings, that helps you to plan your week considering the celestial movements… you can set your reminder here:

Today 11/20 at 4pm Central on the show Ellen and Victoria will talk about Tarot, Astrology and Intuition. Ellen will share tips and tricks and take in calls for on-air mini-readings. It is also a great chance to learn more about this courageous woman who swims where she feels she needs to.

Join the FUN-damental experience!!

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By Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

“So, it is my philosophy that the purpose of a Tarot reading is to provide you with
insights about yourself and the world around you in order to empower you to
*create* the future you want. This is why I tell people that I am not a “fortune
teller”; I am a “fortune helper.”

James Ricklef about his Tarot Philosophy

It is my pleasure to introduce you a Tarot reader, teacher, lecturer, and author of Tarot books, decks, fiction and Haiku poetry, Fortune Helper, as he says about himself, James Ricklef. James has given a lot of interviews for radios and blogs, and as I made my way through them I learnt more and more about this humble, knowledgeable and very down-to-earth and yet highly spiritually developed man. I found it to be a rare combination I met only a couple of times in my life. I recommend you go to his website, and explore his interviews, articles, and of course his tarot blog,

James was one of the first professionals I “stumbled upon” at the beginning of my Tarot Journey. I rememebr him starting his blog, and I was faithfully following him from the Republic of Georgia and from China, and then when I returned back to Uzbekistan, I could not open it. I am still clicking every new link I see from James, but, strangely enough, only articles I really NEED at this time of my life open up. For example, we were planning to talk about Tarot Affirmations and sure enough, the page for Temperance, affirmation of the week, opened up to tell me to be patient: I am still in the hospital from last week’s lung collapse, and though I do not feel well I wanted to hold this show with James: talking Tarot lifts up my spirits! 🙂

During our show, which you can download from the archives at, we talked about non-traditional uses for the Tarot and discussed the place of spirituality in one’s life and ways of exploring it with the help of Tarot. James is working on Tarot for Your Spiritual Path book and he kindly shared two of his new spreads with the listeners.

I have to admit, that I find James *insanely* talented about creating spreads! He seem to be able to take any picture/cartoon/phrase or a huge concept like happiness in Buddhism and wrap his mind around it and prodice a wonderful, simple, useful spread! He shares insights and how-to-s of his many techniques in 5-starred by book Tarot — Get the Whole Story which is a follow up to his Tarot Tells the Tale.

Talking about James I cannot not to mention his lovely deck, Tarot of the Masters, which is inspired by classic paintings by old masters, such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Bouguereau, Rubens, and Hieronymus Bosch. I highly recommend you get the companion book when purchasing this limited edition deck, for having the insight story totally changes one’s perspective and hightens appreciation of the deck.

Listen to the episode #8 to learn one of the most common denominators between Tarot and Feng Shui, to learn how to create and use affirmations (described in details inTarot Affirmations book), to get insights about Spirituality and Tarot and to add two new Tarot Spreads into your collection! Unfortunately, Ed Peterson was busy at work and could not co-host this show…. but hopefully, he will be  back on air next Saturday, November 20th, 4pm Central, when we will talk with Ellen Zucker, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Astrologer.

Thank You, James Ricklef, for coming to our show! Thank you for all the work you do to bring Tarot on a higher level and remind people of its spiritual foundation over the mundane “fortunetelling” use!

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Murphy’s Law, ICU and Work

November 12, 2010

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends,

Please accept deepest apologies from Ed Peterson and myself for ruining your expectations last Saturday, November 6th,for a wonderful episode with Barbara Moore and Ciro Marchetti, the creator of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck.

Nine days ago I was taken to an Intensive Care Unit with a collapsed lung and was unable to inform Ed or anybody else about it… As you can guess, I was quite unwell. But “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” says Murphy’s Law. Yep, and so it did: Ed Peterson, my famous and talented co-host happened to be busy with work during the time of the show.

Our deepest apologies to Barbara Moore and Ciro Marchetti and all of you who were in the chatroom and who sent concerned emails to Ed and myself. The 11/6 episode will be re-scheduled ASAP if Barbara and Ciro agree to give us a second chance…

I am still in a hospital, but I am feeling better and of course, being out of the ICU helps lifting my spirits up! I am on painkillers, but have all intentions to use that healing energy you send me so generously and get well soon! I will be on air this Saturday, 11/13 at 4pm Central with our scheduled host, James Ricklef.

Barbara Moore’s website:

Ciro Marchetti’s website:

James Ricklef’s website

Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina:

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Saturday, October 16, 4 pm Central time  
Tips For Working With and Combining Tarot and Astrology

Dear Friends!!

As you have heard, I co-hosted the last show directly from a hospital, where I have been for over a week now. It was quite a fun experience, I had to admit: I was in the office of the Chief Doctor, the only place where they have internet. In fact, it is exactly where I am writing from now. There is a nurse here, probably making sure I will not run through the files looking for some secret info on my fellow hospital occupants 🙂 I will not bore you with details about my health; it all is about the immune system probably…

Last week we had a very interesting and internationally famous guest Robert Lee Camp and he kindly agreed to have another show with us concentrating specifically on the callers and life readings. Well, since we are just figuring out the routine and format of our show, Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina, we failed to do the following: announce a competition Robert planned for the listeners and give a Feng Shui tip. So, I guess, we will have the competition when Robert is back with us in January 2011 (we are fully booked with some incredible guests until mid-January, so stay tuned!!) As of Feng Shui tip: I will deliver one for you this Saturday 🙂

Unless I completely forget to because we are having some spectacular gathering this Saturday, October 16th! If you ever wanted to be in informal settings with not just one, but several highly ranked professionals from the fields of your passion and enjoy their sharing the tips and tricks, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! And since you are reading this blog, may I assume that YOUR passion is all, or any combination of: Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Divination, Spirituality…

Our guests on October 16th, 4pm Central time are my dear friend ANNA COOK, the author of bestselling, 5-star ranked book Tarot Dynamics (visit her website at, her (and now ours, too!) friend Valerie Sylvester, the Resident Astrologer for and Valerie’s teacher, a famous psychic and Spiritual Entertainer Pattie Canova.

These magnificent ladies will come on our show to:

  • present a rundown on HOW and WHY they apply both systems;
  • share stories on the effectiveness of their methods;
  • each of them will share her own TIPS on HOW TO work with Tarot and Astrology;
  • the Ladies will discuss the predicting of the WORLD EVENTS using Tarot and Astrology…. did you know that just before 9/11 the SAME CARD KEPT APPEARING IN TAROT READINGS all over the world??
  • then we hope we will have time to take in a couple of calls, and YOU will have a chance to hear these professionals’ opinion on anything you are interested in, for example, “what I might expect from my new job”, etc.
  • if you want a numerological reading with Ed Peterson, please call in too: or you may want to wait for our SUNDAY show, we are planning to hold exactly due to the high demand of our listeners to more air time and live calls for numerological and the Deck of Shadows readings and more Feng Shui talks!!! Stay tuned to know when 🙂
  • of course Victoria Evangelina will share an easy and practical Feng Shui tip to enrich your life with positive energies;
  • and at the very end of the program we’ll announce the FABULOUS, seriously, VERY GENEROUS present MARCUS KATZ of and is going to grand to the winner of competition he has for his first appearance on our show on October 23rd, Saturday, 4PM Central time.  What are the rules? Listen in, be the FIRST to know and good luck: I wish I COULD PARTICIPATE AND WITH THAT PRESENT MYSELF; once again, it is a VERY generous one!!!

If you are one of the 200+ regular followers of our show, you already know a little bit about Anna Cook from my blog post about her and from the radio show we had on September 25th, 2010.

Valerie Sylvester is known, first of all, due to her amazing Astrology/Tarot blog posts on the Tarot Elements website. The perfect synergy of the two disciplines makes a delightful weekly treat to all of us! Valerie has been psychic since she was a kid, and later had good fortune to study with some acknowledged professionals in Astrology, Tarot and Psychic Development fields. She has her own Tarot Populuxe website, the one to be updated more often as soon as she finds time between her scheduled readings and writings. I can add from personal experience, that Valerie is a very warm and encouraging lady and I appreciate her friendship A LOT!!

For over twenty-five years Pattie Canova has been a psychological intuitive, reader, teacher, lecturer, writer, and performer. She has her own show on the Broadway, called “Traveling at the Speed of ENLIGHTENMENT”! To visit her show (which apparently is something totally unique, including life interaction with the audience!) is on the Top 15 things to do on my long “To Do in America” list, the first 10 being visiting relatives and close friends and spending 2 days in a Borders bookstore 🙂 By the way, there at the Borders I will not look for Pattie’s bestselling, five-starred book Tarot Sutra: An Intimate Guide to the Secret Language of Sex because I am going to order this book and the deck of cards that go along with it directly from Pattie’s website using this link: and have them autographed and delivered all the way to China for me!

Pattie is currently a faculty member at the National Council of Geocosmic Research. She teaches courses and intensive workshops including her popular ongoing workshop series, “Rediscovering the Self: Understanding the Ambition of the Soul’s Journey”, as well as the course: Tarot: “Symbolism and Metaphysical Psychology”.

During our show with Catherine Chapman, the brain and creative force behind hugely successful, we touched on the topic of being in the moment of silence and connection to one’s Inner Higher Self in order to get the direct guidance. To help people reach such a place and state of mind, Pattie Canova created the Center for the Quiet Heart, a holistic meeting place with a focus on quieting the mind. “In order to hear the direction of the Inner Teacher, who will lead us to peace, we must arrive to a place of stillness,” says Pattie.

I would recommend you to watch this YouTube clip featuring Pattie to get a little bit of an “appetizer”, if I may say so, of this vibrant, energetic and highly popular Woman.

To summarize it all: I am looking forward to our Saturday, October 16th 4 pm Central time show  Tips For Working With and Combining Tarot and Astrology and it feels to me, it is going to be much like a tea-party with close, like-minded friends. I am hugely grateful to my dear friend Anna Cook for her support and for creating the idea of this show and organizing it all!!! Anna: you are the BEST and your Tarot Dynamics book is ALWAYS used when I am doing readings (i.e. every day!!)

And last, but not least: my deepest gratitude to all of you, my dear friends. I feel your support and all of that “reiki energy” you send me so generously! Blessings of Love and Light and Prosperity to all of you! See you on Saturday, October 16th, 4pm Central: mark your “remind me” box here on the show’s page:

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