by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Many a time Inappropriate Tarot Readings made me laugh and wish for more and I was quite a bit surprised to discover that the man behind this application, the one, known to the Tarot Community as the Tarot Junkie is a serious guy, who discovered Tarot…

oops, I shall stop right here and let you go to the archives of our show to discover who Dan Donche really is ūüôā

We talk about Dan’s witty Tarot Junkie website and the Inner Badass Channel: a new network that is supposed to “bring out the best in all of us” ūüôā

Listen to the 11/27 episode for some REAL JUNK-ey EXPERIENCE~!


by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

The next day after our first show GREMLINS on September 18th¬†2010, I got a “dreamy” e-mail from Ed. “Patrick Valenza.¬†¬†Wouldn’t that be cool if he was with us for¬†our Halloween show?”

“Well, why don’t I ask him?” I typed back and immediately sent an e-mail to Patrick. We had already been¬†acquainted:¬† my deck was the first, and for now, the only, he has ever sent to Uzbekistan. To our greatest joy, Patrick agreed to be with us on the show on October 30th. What a handful of trust¬†Patrick had in us because¬†at that time we had produced only ONE episode!

“I am your Santa Girl!” I wrote to Ed, “GUESS who is coming to us on October 30th??”

THANK YOU PATRICK for your trust and for the very interesting and engaging conversation we had on air! I have received many responses from our followers, and they say, that it was a great chance to learn more about the author of  the Deviant Moon deck which is much loved in the Tarot Community.

I will not spoil your appetite for downloading the show and listening to it, but I will say that you will learn a lot about the artist, mystic, dreamer, creator and¬† man Patrick Valenza, including the reason¬†why suddenly ALL¬†nightmares disappeared from his life; why the cemetery where most “texture” images are taken at is a “sweet” place for him; how the cards of the DM “revealed” themselves; why¬†his forthcoming self-published deck¬†has¬†the title “444”; and what an amazing SISTER DECK TO THE DEVIANT MOON is in his closest plans! We also talked about families, dreams, mystical experiences and much more.

Having heard that¬†the¬†Six of Pentacles was the only card from the whole deck that Patrick had to re-do, Ed Peterson (my famous in all matters of¬†numerology co-host)¬†immediately responded with his magic knowledge, knocking everybody’s socks off: the¬†Six of Pentacles, according to¬†his calculations,¬†corresponds to¬†the number 74¬†and both the number 74 and the¬†Six of Pentacles card¬†are Patrick’s¬†Primary Challenge.¬† One’s¬†Primary Challenge is calculated by a formula¬†using the letters in one’s name (see below).

Thank you Ed for this in-depth study of the numbers of our well-loved artist and, as we know now, Mystic! Thank you, Patrick, for allowing us to share this on the blog!

Patrick Valenza was born on March 15th, 1967 according to Patrick Valenza.

March 15th, 1967

3 + 15 = 18 = The Moon = his core number = The Moon.  Tarot.  Art.  Psychic.  The unconscious/subconscious.  Past-life memories.  Dreams.  Imagination.  Surreal.  The night.  The dark.

March 15th, 1967

15 + 1+9+6+7 = 38 = Queen of Cups = his ‚Äúsecret‚ÄĚ number = Sensitive.

“Light brown hair, blue/hazel eyes;
On intuition he relies.‚ÄĚ

[modified quote from Eileen Connolly’s book “Tarot:¬† A New Handbook for the Apprentice”]


using the number/letter grid:
1      2      3       4       5       6      7      8      9
A      B     C       D       E       F      G      H      I
J      K      L      M      N       O      P      Q      R
S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z


A = 1              J = 1              S = 1
B = 2              K = 2             T = 2
C = 3              L = 3             U = 3
D = 4              M = 4            V = 4
E = 5              N = 5            W = 5
F = 6              O = 6             X = 6
G = 7              P = 7             Y = 7
H = 8              Q = 8             Z = 8
I = 9               R = 9
Patrick Valenza
7          4        1

his primary challenge = PV = 74 = Six of Pentacles = Generosity.  Sharing wisely.  Gifts.
how he obtains his heart’s desire = PA = 71 = Three of Pentacles = Professional.  Excellence.  Masterpiece.  Inspiring work.  Doing a good job.  Quality is job 1.

On the show,¬†I shared my continuous stumbling upon the Deviant Moon and here’s the portrait Patrick drew on my package. Can you¬†believe it, that he did it BEFORE he had ever seen¬†my photo? It is only after I have received the package when we became Facebook friends, and he calmly scribbled on my wall:¬† “this is exactly how I thought you look like”.¬† Artist?¬† nope.¬† Mystic!!

A present for Val Sherill, who was the first one to guess who our “secret” guest was, is already on the way to her: DM deck, of course, wrapped in paper with Patrick’s gorgeous drawings on it. I am sure it is yet another of his works to be framed and cherished!

And a present for all of our followers is A New Can of Worms spread, which goes together brilliantly with the DM deck. This one is created by Koneta Bailey of, with the drawings by her husband, Mister B.B. ūüôā I totally adore that little worm that tries to escape! Halloween, cemetery texture images, warms, deviant moon….. what a lovely outing, lol !!

Steps to help open and examine what is in your ‚ÄúCan of Worms‚ÄĚ

  • Card one — Using the can opener:¬† ¬†¬†(insert question here) example.¬† ‚ÄúHow do I change or shape my actions in order to achieve my goals?‚ÄĚ
  • Card two — A Peek under the lid:¬†¬†¬†¬† The outer influences that affect me in a negative manner.
  • Card three — Prying the lid:¬† ¬†Once the negative issue has been revealed, this is the best course of action for ¬†remedy
  • Card four — Take a good look inside:¬† Looking at the problem straight in the eye (s) and realizing it‚Äôs quite fixable and not as bad as you first thought.¬† This card is for further help and advice with meeting the problem head on.¬† (puns intended)
  • Card five ‚Äď Containment.¬† The positive influences that I need to hold onto and utilize.¬† Things or people that can help me deal with the negative/slimy worms I find in my can.
  • Card six — Escape.¬† Once you have a clear idea of how to deal with your particular ‚Äúworm‚ÄĚ put him to work for you.¬† Use him to your advantage to lure what you want/need to you.¬† Or, if the situation calls for a complete release, he can be the one that got away.¬† In most cases though, the worm that tries to get away is the one that needs the most attention.

Happy Listening!!!! Thank you for following our show, Facebook page and this blog! May you have a power filled day!

Link to the show with Patrick Valenza:

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends,

on October 23rd, Saturday, at 4PM Central Marcus Katz, the man behind and is coming to our show on Blog Talk Radio!

He is bringing in a very wonderful present for the winner of his contest! Here are the guidelines for you:

THE ULTIMATE SPREAD! Imagine that last night you had a vision or a powerful dream in which you found yourself in the hidden temple of the Tarot Masters. In front of you was an ancient book. It was called the “Book of the Master Spreads”.¬†You caught a glimpse of just one thing – the title of one of the spreads.¬†Trembling, you opened a page and just a moment before the vision disappeared and you woke up…¬†You JUST saw¬†the title. What is that title?

Here’s some possibilities … “The Spread of Revelations”, “The 13th Key Spread”, “The Spread of Infinite Possibilities” or “The White Tree Spread”.

The entries should be sent to

The winning entry will be chosen live on air on the show and we will reveal what we intend to do with the winning spread – which will be the prize! The most imaginative, provocative, mysterious or elegant title will be favoured!


Dear Anna, Pattie, Valerie and ED!!!

Thank You All for the chance to be with you all on air today during the show Tips for Working with and Combining Tarot and Astrology!!!! I enjoyed every second of it and I am going to download the show and listen to it again! You are wonderful, and KNOW SO MUCH!!! Thank you for sharing wonderful tips on working with Astrology and Tarot!

Pattie, I LOVED your calm and confident voice, the way you relate to people and the way you interpret the messages! I do hope that you are planning to have some online classes/mentoring soon because I would absolutely LOVE to study with you!

Valerie: there were tons of comments about how nice your voice is in the chatroom! ūüôā You sound lovely, dear and you have wealth of information to share! Thank you!

Anna: I love you, and this is all I have to say! ūüôā Thank YOU for creating the idea of this show and organizzing it!!!

Ed: you are the best ūüôā

To all of our wonderful chatroom people: Thank You for the incredible conversation and your support!
PAUL NAGY: Thank you for calling in with questions and tips to share!

I forgot to give the FS tippp!!!!!

So here you go: to bring the energy of romance and love to your life, display the images of COUPLES in your apartment: be it a figurine of SWANS (they are so devoted to each other!!) or MANDARINE DUCKS or A COUPLE OF ELEPHANTS … Make sure that everything is in COUPLES. Do not display a LONELY candle on the table/desk/shelf, put a second one next to it! ūüôā

Thank you my dear Tarot Friends!!

Blessings of Love and Light,
Victoria Evangelina

By Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends of our show!

Saturday October 9th is around the corner and at 4PM Central our guest will be a man, with whom I first “met” in the capital of Uzbekistan, my home town Tashkent! When I am travelling, Mom is monitoring local choice of books for me but when I am here it is my very pleasure to go and walk around bookstores and book stands on the streets. Of course I am checking out everything about Tarot and the many other subjects I am interested in, but since I have an easy access to many books on Kindle, it is more and more difficult to find something in Russian language that gets my interest.

‚ÄúI have something special for you,‚ÄĚ told me a lady, from whom I have been buying all the Russian editions of my¬†teacher, Lillian Too’s Feng Shui books . The book-seller dived under the counter and emerged with a big hardcover volume. I was about to say that I do not buy¬†books that are too heavy for¬†I cannot transport them around, when I read the title and was hooked.

Cards of Your Destiny

The title had the two major for me key words: ‚ÄúCARDS‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúDESTINY‚ÄĚ. This Russian language¬†edition of Cards of Your Destiny has a picture of Tarot cards on the jacket, so it mislead me into thinking it was a Tarot book. I went to Internet, to search this book in e-format for my Kindle, and though I quickly discovered that there were¬†only hard copies out,¬†I learnt a few details on who Robert is and what his system is about.

Robert discovered the ancient system, he put in the core of his teaching, back in 1988 and ever since he devoted himself to raising “the conscious awareness of people around the world using the tools of Astrology and the Science of the Cards”. He became a Grand Master in the Order of the Magi, whose main purpose is the preservation and dissemination of ancient estoeric knowledge.

Among Robert Camp’s clients are well known names in Hollywood, for example:¬†Glenn Close, Rae Dawn Chong, Woody Harrelson, Mrs. Robin Williams,¬†as well as many producers and famous people like Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant,¬†Michael Jackson, Ex-president Clinton, Ben Afflect and Jennifer Lopez, and O.J. Simpson.

Robert has taught hundreds of seminars and appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows worldwide, and his company, Seven Thunders Publishing, provides many products and services to help others achieve more personal power and happiness.

I love cards, I love being able to connect the dots of mystery of our existence, so an hour later I was proudly carrying back home a large hardcover explaining the¬†relations of playing cards to astrology and numerology.¬†And boy, I am so glad I did! How else would I learn that I am the Queen of Clubs, the most intuitive and psychic cards out there in Robert’s system! That statement proudly set on my Facebook profile’s page for weeks, while I was referring all the questions I received to Robert’s website

I am planning to order Robert’s books in English language though: the Love Cards book has been sold out back in Moscow and none of the several reprints even made it to Tashkent, I was told. Thanks to Amazon I can fix this problem for myself: now I wish I had a contact there whom I could bother shamelessly with running to the post office and FedEx-ing me packages: Amazon does not ship to Uzbekistan.

Now that you know why I am so excited about the coming show, let’s see what we are planning to cover during that short hour on¬†October 9th, 2010 at 4PM Central (yep, 2Am in Tashkent where I currently am!) :

  • Robert will tell us about himself and his journey to becoming “Mr. Destiny”;
  • you will learn how playing cards corresponde with Astrology, Numerology, each year and 52-day period of a person’s life;
  • you will get an insight on how¬†to do your own predictive readings using the most accurate system of divination ever discovered;
  • Robert will share a little secret on how to learn to read your own destiny or the destiny of anyone else¬†within a matter of hours;
  • he will reveal the rules for a competition to win his bestselling Love Cards book, which contains¬†special emphasis on the characteristics of each birthday as it applies to relationships, marriage, etc. Also the book presents a detailed and highly accurate method for doing a complete relationship reading between two people;
  • Robert and Ed will compare their numerology systems and the relation of those to cards and real life;
  • we will be taking in a couple of calls from our listeners, to compare the two systems on air and hear the immediate responce of which one describes the caller most accurately;
  • Robert will talk about the Magi Fellowship, a grand learning/business system he created;
  • You will get your practical weekly Feng Shui tip from Victoria Evangelina, an international Feng Shui practicioner;
  • …and remember to ask for your one-card reading with Scott Grossberg’s creation, the Deck of Shadows

Our shows are of a free flowing format, so sometimes we get involved in conversation and miss out a few of promised points… but I hope you stay with us no matter what and visit our show’s Facebook friends page to mark us favorite (click the LIKE button), and our Facebook’s Blog Page, to kindly Follow and Rate us.

And here is the¬†link to the Blog Talk Radio’s page, where you can listen to the show, download the archives and of course push that little red heart to tell the World that we are your FAVORITE show:

See you all on air for a FUNdamental experience of connecting seekers and students with givers and teachers!

Victoria Evangelina expresses her deepest gratitude to Robert Lee Camp for sending her a present of the Exploring the Little Book of the Seven Thunders online publication.

Please note: if you cannot log into the WordPress to leave comments, visit the Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina show or blog’s Facebook page and leave your comments there. Thank you.

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends! Thank you for the incredible support we receive from you, your kind comments and emails,¬†beyond¬†hundreds show downloads,¬†thank you for joining our show’s page on Facebook and for marking us Favorite on Blog Talk Radio.

Last week, during the show with Anna Cook, the author of Tarot Dynamics, we experienced a lot of technical difficulties. Apparently, the Gremlins we “invited” to our very first show woke up and came to pay a visit: from 21 raised for a reading hand only one lady managed to hang on and get her mini-reading on air; the rest of the people kept on being dropped off the lines and disconnected… I myself happened to be disconnected some four or five times! Our apologies for the unruly behavior of the citizens of the communication lines (i.e. Gremlins) and we will try to prevent such a situation happening by introducing a new format: taking in calls for mini readings every 15 minutes or so… Be on the line and be there early to make sure you get the reading! ūüôā

And now to some wonderfully exciting news. Many of you have already heard from my many excited shouts on the Facebook that on Saturday October 2nd show our dear guest is Catherine Chapman, the creator of the beautifully clean and stylish Tarot Elements website. I will not tell you just how much incredibly useful information Catherine has on that amazing website, starting from tips and techniques on conquering Court Cards, reading the Celtic Cross Spread like a Pro, coherent explanations and plenty of examples and exercises on Elemental Dignities, FABULOUS indeed author spreads and more and more: visit CONTENT PAGE and do not miss Discussions, Interviews, Inspiration and Tarot News pages, sitting at the very end of the long scroll down through delightful goodies for the mind and spirit of a Tarot Lover of any level!

I cannot, not mention the famous graphics… The Tarot community has been trying long and hard to get Catherine’s secret, but the girl just laughs charmingly and promises, that one day she should open up a school, take like “five hundred pounds” from each of us and share her secrets. Catherine! You never know, but I am SURE there are those of us who will willingly trade a few Limited Edition decks in order to learn from you….. and I am one of those people! ūüôā

With years, Catherine Chapman gathered a lovely team of professionals and friends on her website. The team consists of Catherine herself,¬†Tarot Elements’ Resident¬†Astrologer Valerie Sylvester (who is, by the way, coming to our show on October 16th, and not alone but with her famous psychic teacher….. shh-h…. I wont tell you her name just now, BUT she has a Broadway show about her life, and yes, it has been running for a while!); the famous reviewer Bonnie Cehovet¬†who, it seems to me, has¬†read each and every Tarot related book and played with each and every Tarot and oracle deck, and among contributing friends you’ll find Barbara Moore, the Tarot Lady, Douglas Gibb, Dea Animi and others.¬†¬†

I was surprised and delighted by Catherine’s unexpected present! While her book, BEYOND THE CELTIC CROSS, has been in my check out cart on for several months, waiting for my trip to either Europe or the USA (Amazon does not ship to Central Asia), Catherine kindly sent me her gift, and what a blessing it has arrived just in time for me to read it¬†(but not to STUDY, of course!) before our show. THANK YOU DEAR CATHERINE!!

This book, born from correspondence and classes with Paul Hughes-Barlow, who is famous for his highly informative and detailed Super Tarot website/blog and deep research into oldish techniques, is a small one. But they are oh so right: never judge the book by its cover, for it, indeed, takes you onto deep levels of interpretation of  any spread 10+ cards spread, and even, what I found quite priceless, helps you or your client to see the situation developing in many of the smaller variations you/they can introduce to daily life.

The book promises¬†that¬†“once the counting and elemental laws have become inherent, your mind will be left free to explore and interpret the combinations that appear,” and¬†the authors keep the promise and deliver the techniques in detail, enabling you to offer readings that are¬†“out of this world”.

I have to admit I was intimidated by the card counting but is not even nearly as tough as it sounds! Just watch a YouTube video of¬†Paul if you are confused… for a wonderful radio show, where Catherine¬†performs a Celtic Cross readings using card counting and elemental dignities techniques, explaining each step of hers,¬†listen to Donnaleigh¬†de LaRose‘s June issue of¬†Beyond Worlds-Your Tarot Tribe Blog Talk Radio show.¬†¬†¬†

So, what is on¬†Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina‘s agenda for Saturday, October 2nd, 4PM Central?

  • we will talk about many ways Tarot changed Catherine’s life;
  • we will talk about Catherine’s new, outstanding Tarot Study Blog;
  • we will talk about her passion for creating new spreads and how she does it;
  • Catherine will present the exclusive 3-2-1 spread and we will have a handout with her famous graphics, too!
  • OF COURSE I will ask Catherine about the website and try, once again, to dig out at least one of the many secrets of cyberspace success this lady enjoys ūüôā
  • Ed Peterson will look into Catherine’s numbers and shed some light onto recent and future developments of her life;
  • if we have enough time, Victoria Evangelina¬†and Catherine discuss the similarities and differences in Elemental Dignities between Feng¬†Shui and Golden Down techniques;
  • every 15 minutes we plan to¬†take in calls for mini-readings: Catherine will read with Tarot cards and I join her with my trusted Deck of Shadows, created by Scott Grossberg;
  • Catherine will announce the lucky winner of her book, and YES you still have some time to participate: go to the new Tarot Study Blog, have a look around and leave a meaningful commentary on a card of your choice… Good Luck, and trust me: you will love the book and techniques described!
  • and of course you will get your weekly Feng¬†Shui advice ūüôā

Well, till we meet on air, October 2nd, Saturday, 4PM Central! Use this link to copy and paste in your browser in case a pop up widow does not appear on your screen:

Once again thank you for following us and we promise to live up to your expectations: Marcus Katz, Ciro Marchetti and many others are to be our guests until the end of 2010! Stay tuned for your FUNdamental experience!!

If you cannot log into the WordPress, please leave your comments on Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina show’s Facebook page. And if you missed our earlier episodes, go to our Blog Talk Radio page and download or stream them from the archives! Thank you!

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends! Thank you for the incredible support we have received from all of you after our first show on Saturday 19th! You can listen to it in the archives and leave comments…. Close to 200 (!!!) people have downloaded our first show during this week, and we thanking you with all the heart for your trust: believe us, we have some INCREDIBLE guests scheduled for your FUN and development!

And now, buckle up for the FUNdamental experience!!! ANNA COOK, the bestselling author of the TAROT DYNAMICS, an international¬†reader and teacher with¬†32 years of experience and a¬†very dear friend of Victoria Evangelina is on our show this Saturday, September 25th, at 4PM Central on Blog Talk Radio! We wonder if we shall make this show 2 hours long…. for there is so much to discuss and share with you, our dear listeners, that we are simply afraid to be out of time in a blink of an eye!

Here are just a few highlights of what we are planning to talk about on September 25th show:

  • Ed and Anna will discuss numerology in Tarot;
  • Anna will teach a class on DYNAMIC AND DIRTY TIMING IN TAROT;
  • Anna will choose a winner of her authographed TAROT DYNAMICS¬†book (how to secure your lucky chance? read on!!);
  • we will talk a little bit about a life of a visionary, wanting to take the guesswork out of learning and reading the Tarot and make it available for all in the 21st century;
  • Victoria Evangelina will share a weekly Feng Shui tip and join Anna’s readings with drawing a card from Scott Grossberg’s outstanding The Deck Of Shadows;
  • we will have a SURPRISE guest….. no, he is no one extremely famous in the Tarot community…. and yet, he is very, very IMPORTANT…. and there is a whole army of people like them! WHO IS IT???? ….well…. set your reminder to listen to the show on 9/25, 4PM Central on BTR! ūüôā
  • and of course we will be doing free mini-readings for the people who are calling in (a friendly suggestion….. it looks like we are going to have a LOT of people who are going to call in….. so do call in earlier during the show and do not forget to “raise your hand” by pressing “1” so we can see you on the switchboard!)

PLEASE NOTE!: you need to have YOUR OWN TAROT DECK (any) handy, because when asking for a reading from Anna Cook, you will be drawing YOUR OWN CARDS (one or three)! Why?

“Unlike other readers I do not believe that ANYONE should shuffle your cards except, you,” says Anna. She is the only reader¬†we know who is so sencitive to making sure there¬†is no outer¬†influence on the energy of the reading and¬†we respect it greatly… Just as her many international clients do: it’s just between us, do not tell anybody, but Anna is now reading the cards for… GRANDCHILDREN of people who¬†were coming to see her for a piece of advice in¬†Cays Tea-Room on 4th and Prospect in downtown Cleveland back in the late 70-es… ¬†Her clients stick with her, and we got a full-swing confirmation to it when listening to the latest Anna’s radio appearance on NuLife Radio

The best way to prepare yourself for this very DYNAMIC show is to listen to the archives of¬†Anna’s appearance on Beyond Worlds Beginner’s Class¬†show ¬†hosted by our very¬†own fairy GodMothers Donnaleigh de LaRose¬†and Theresa Reed.

AND NOW THE GIFTS!!!! Do not miss your chance to vin the Amazon¬†5-star ranked bestselling Tarot Dynamics book, authographed by Anna herself! Post your responce to the question “WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO MODERNIZE THE TAROT?” in the comments section of this post, and on OCTOBER 2nd, Saturday, Anna will call into the show and announce the WINNER!

NB: we have received many complaints from people who cannot log into the WordPress to post comments: if it is true about you, find me or Anna on the Facebook :Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya or Anna Burroughs Cook and send us a direct message with your answer! Or simply go to the show’s page on the Facebook and LIKE us there and post your responce to this question!

See you all on 9/25, 4PM Central on BTR, Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina and Anna Cook show!


Learn more about our famous guest ANNA COOK¬†¬†and the highly practical system of reading the cards on Anna’s skillfully made website

Read Bonnie Cheovet’s excellent interview with Anna on Aeclectic to learn more about this professional and her dynamic system: Interview with Anna Burroughs Cook

Ed and Victoria are sending deepest gratitude to the Tarot Tribe and all the friends and famous professionals who are supporting them with so much trust! We hope to live up to your expectations!

Victoria Evangelina expresses her deepest gratitude to Anna Burroughs Cook for her generous gift of the TAROT DYNAMICS book. Anna: I love your system, I love how practical it is, I love that there is a simple yet sophisticated enough structure to rely upon. Ever since I got it, your book¬†is next to Paul Quinn’s Tarot for Life¬†by the Tarot deck I am using at the time! …and thank you for being such a good friend…

Numerologist Ed Peterson and Feng Shui practitioner and Tarot enthusiast Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya. Feel free to ask for a numerology reading, a one card tarot card reading, ask about Feng Shui… Any and all discussion is welcome.

  • Date / Time: 9/18/2010 4:00 PM

    Call-in Number: (619) 789-6836

    This is going to be a fun show. Join numerologist Ed Peterson and Feng Shui practitioner and Tarot enthusiast Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya. Feel free to ask for a numerology reading, a one card tarot card reading, ask about Feng Shui …
  • We will be talking about a number of things including gremlins (the experience Ed and Victoria Evangelina have had of interrupted Skype and long distance calls (and feel free to share your experiences on the subject)). Sound fun? Then join us!!! Any and all discussion is welcome. This show is 100% caller dependent and caller driven, so please call in and join us!!!
How Gremlins Prompted the Idea for the Show
by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

It all started with the horrible noise on the line when I was trying to first talk with Ed‚Ķ no, if you want some specific details, it all started way earlier, probably when I, at a very tender age of 10-12, started a slow but confident slide from reading Sigmund Freud (yep) to more ‚Äúnon-orthodox‚ÄĚ subjects which eventually brought me to popular Astrology, Numerology, Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, Yoga and just recently even to Tarot. But it is a whole load of different stories, so stay tuned for further blog entries!

The story of this show is quick and speedy. I first heard about Ed Peterson when listening to one of the Beyond World Blog Talk Radio shows by Donnaleigh DeLaRose and her wonderful co-hosts. By the way, I made a commitment to listen to every show by Donnaleigh, Theresa and Storm and my, it is better than all of my Audio books! I contacted Ed asking to help me choose the best date for a very important interview. He responded with the whole package of information about me, derived from the numerous formulas he generously shares in the bestselling Numerology book (btw for those, whose Kindle, just like mine, ‚Äúgoes everywhere‚ÄĚ: Numerology IS in Kindle format!!) To be honest, I have not yet mastered Ed‚Äôs system further than the ‚Äúcore number‚ÄĚ, i.e. add together the day and month of birth and refer to his book for explanation, for example: I am 2/26, so 2+26=28 and it is 2 of Wands. Yep, it does describe me truthfully.

When I learned my time of birth (and it is a whole different story of a 16-year long quest…. STAY TUNED!!) I turned to Ed for some astrology advice. He kindly called me and walked me through my chart… needless to say I was astonished at the depth of information one can receive from a birth chart… and it is no wonder that I decided to learn all what I could about Astrology, too.

The connection during the Skype and phone calls for Ed and me was just terrible. There were noises, echoes, even ‚Äď I am not kidding! ‚Äď belching sounds. It was a couple of weeks when my home country Uzbekistan had a string of holidays, pretty much one after the other, and I kept on laughing about ‚Äúthose Gremlins partying on the lines‚ÄĚ. Soon, we were talking about experiences many of our friends had during their Blog Talk Shows which inevitably attract Gremlins‚Ķ¬†¬†

‚ÄúWhy don‚Äôt we make a show about Gremlins,‚ÄĚ said Ed, laughing (I remember it was Ed who suggested this. Perhaps, it was me? No, I would never come up with such a crazy prospect!)

‚ÄúHaha, what a wonderful idea!‚ÄĚ I agreed and, having disconnected my Skype, went to bed. The time difference between Uzbekistan (Central Asia) and USA is roughly 12 hours.

Next morning, I woke up to a fully set up Blog Talk Radio page. Ed, I never told you this before but, honestly:¬† little did I know when saying ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ to the show that it would actually happen. To be fully honest, I tend to drag my feet, mostly because I want everything I do be perfect, and it requires a lot of studying and research and editing and‚Ķ and‚Ķ But you made me jump into radio show and blogging: and it is good. I must have started it one day, and I have already been procrastinating for way too long!]


Victoria will be reading from The Deck of Shadows which is the master creation of Scott Grossberg and available at: Be sure to check out Scott’s books:

Ed and Victoria would like to give a BIG shout out to Donnaleigh and the Tarot Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be sure to listen to their Beyond Worlds show at:
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    9/25/2010 4:00 PM ‚Äď Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina and Anna Cook

    10/2/2010 4:00 PM ‚Äď Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina