Numerologist Ed Peterson and Feng Shui practitioner and Tarot enthusiast Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya. Feel free to ask for a numerology reading, a one card tarot card reading, ask about Feng Shui… Any and all discussion is welcome.

  • Date / Time: 9/18/2010 4:00 PM

    Call-in Number: (619) 789-6836

    This is going to be a fun show. Join numerologist Ed Peterson and Feng Shui practitioner and Tarot enthusiast Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya. Feel free to ask for a numerology reading, a one card tarot card reading, ask about Feng Shui
  • We will be talking about a number of things including gremlins (the experience Ed and Victoria Evangelina have had of interrupted Skype and long distance calls (and feel free to share your experiences on the subject)). Sound fun? Then join us!!! Any and all discussion is welcome. This show is 100% caller dependent and caller driven, so please call in and join us!!!


[How Gremlins Prompted the Idea for the Show

It all started with the horrible noise on the line when I was trying to first talk with Ed… no, if you want some specific details, it all started way earlier, probably when I, at a very tender age of 10-12, started a slow but confident slide from reading Sigmund Freud (yep) to more “non-orthodox” subjects which eventually brought me to popular Astrology, Numerology, Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, Yoga and just recently even to Tarot. But it is a whole load of different stories, so stay tuned for further blog entries!

The story of this show is quick and speedy. I first heard about Ed Peterson when listening to one of the Beyond World Blog Talk Radio shows by Donnaleigh DeLaRose and her wonderful co-hosts. By the way, I made a commitment to listen to every show by Donnaleigh, Theresa and Storm and my, it is better than all of my Audio books! I contacted Ed asking to help me choose the best date for a very important interview. He responded with the whole package of information about me, derived from the numerous formulas he generously shares in the bestselling Numerology book (btw for those, whose Kindle, just like mine, “goes everywhere”: Numerology IS in Kindle format!!) To be honest, I have not yet mastered Ed’s system further than the “core number”, i.e. add together the day and month of birth and refer to his book for explanation, for example: I am 2/26, so 2+26=28 and it is 2 of Wands. Yep, it does describe me truthfully.

When I learned my time of birth (and it is a whole different story of a 16-year long quest…. STAY TUNED!!) I turned to Ed for some astrology advice. He kindly called me and walked me through my chart… needless to say I was astonished at the depth of information one can receive from a birth chart… and it is no wonder that I decided to learn all what I could about Astrology, too.

The connection during the Skype and phone calls for Ed and me was just terrible. There were noises, echoes, even – I am not kidding! – belching sounds. It was a couple of weeks when my home country Uzbekistan had a string of holidays, pretty much one after the other, and I kept on laughing about “those Gremlins partying on the lines”. Soon, we were talking about experiences many of our friends had during their Blog Talk Shows which inevitably attract Gremlins…  

“Why don’t we make a show about Gremlins,” said Ed, laughing (I remember it was Ed who suggested this. Perhaps, it was me? No, I would never come up with such a crazy prospect!)

“Haha, what a wonderful idea!” I agreed and, having disconnected my Skype, went to bed. The time difference between Uzbekistan (Central Asia) and USA is roughly 12 hours.

Next morning, I woke up to a fully set up Blog Talk Radio page. Ed, I never told you this before but, honestly:  little did I know when saying “yes” to the show that it would actually happen. To be fully honest, I tend to drag my feet, mostly because I want everything I do be perfect, and it requires a lot of studying and research and editing and… and… But you made me jump into radio show and blogging: and it is good. I must have started it one day, and I have already been procrastinating for way too long!]


  • Victoria will be reading from The Deck of Shadows which is the master creation of Scott Grossberg and available at: Be sure to check out Scott’s books:
  • ————————————— ————————————— —————————————
  • Ed and Victoria would like to give a BIG shout out to Donnaleigh and the Tarot Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be sure to listen to their Beyond Worlds show at:

    Upcoming Episodes

    9/25/2010 4:00 PM – Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina

    10/2/2010 4:00 PM – Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina


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