By Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

So it happened that Ed was busy at work and could not be on the program. After I lost hope to locate him among the eight callers I already had on the lines in beginning of the program, there was nothing else left but to read Tarot for my listeners. And they kept on calling in and calling in: my apologies to all of you guys whose calls I had no time to accept. Two hours only seem to be a long time 🙂

My deepest gratitude to my dear friend, Tarot Master with over 30 years on International Experience Anna Cook for one of her many amazing Christmas Presents: The Pictorial Key Tarot Deck. It had its christening on this program and is indeed a no-nonsense practical deck!

As usually, Scott Grossberg’s Deck of Shadows performed extremely well and gave accurate results; its tandem with the Pictorial Key was indeed impressing!

Go ahead and listen to the episode for yourself; make sure you check out that awesome book that can change your life that I recommended to all of my listeners.

Thank you for letting me read for you and bring you something valuable,


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by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends!

Oh, WOW! We did not know what a present awaited us on the show with the author behind the concept and the creator of the Transparent Tarot and Transparent Oracle, our much loved Emily Carding!  Emily came to the show with the FIRST copy of just published Tarot of the Sidhe and did more than one hour of reading for our callers using all three of her magic creations.

Emily channeled and painted the Tarot of the Sidhe; the lovely verses in the LWB are pretty much channeled as well.

I will not tell you much more, though I could have shared with you why Emily’s hubby says: “hey you, it is 3 AM, GO TO SLEEEP!!!” and much more; I will just direct you to the show’s page so you can hear Emily talking about her life and art. I can only add that the show with Emily is our record show of people who listened to us live and people who tried to call in to get a reading. Our apologies for not being able to accept all of your calls; we hope to invite Emily and her decks back soon!

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by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends!

It is 5am in Uzbekistan and I have just finished my first ever 2-hour episode on air. Ed Peterson, my wonderful co-host and initiator of the Talking with Ed and Victoria Evangelina show invited an awesome guest for the start of 2011: Debra Clement, an Instant Astrologer with 20 years of experience and…. a lawyer. Yep, the 2011 for us started with THREE Lawyers on air doing “woo-woo” things like Astrology, Numerology and Tarot and Feng Shui 🙂 For those of you, who did not know: I graduated from Law School and worked for 5+ years in “the system”; Ed was a Law School student as well… what a life, lol

I will NOT tell you what an incredible professional Debra is. Can tell you this much though: I am arranging a 2011 full astro reading with her, and I am sure some other readings too (check her website for the full selection of Private Consultations) AND I am looking into joining her online Astrology classes! Yes, I already have too much on my plate, but Ed reassured me that my numbers say I am going to be in the 6 of Wands energy after my birthday on February 26th, so I feel confident adding some Astrology learning with Debra to my To Do List 🙂

This show was indeed special. Debra was with us during the first hour; the second hour Ed and myself were giving Numerology and Tarot readings, and it was a very soulful experience. Thank you for calling in, thank you for listening in and thank you for letting us know that we are needed and appreciated.

My deep gratitude to my amazing co-host Ed Peterson: you’re the STAR and I am looking forward to see what the 2011 brings you: after all, the card for your professional life was 8 of Clubs: Discovery, Message, Awareness, Revelation;

my sincere THANKS to Scott Grossberg for his easy-to-operate yet lovely insightful Deck of Shadows. I love it!

And my humble appreciation to all of those who are supporting me on my “double Pisces” psychic quest…

Happy 2011 and may you as usually be surrounded by Angels and Spirit guides and be AWARE of it and able to INTERPRET the messages they send you every moment of your Journey on Earth.

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