Intuition Wisdom and Astrology Trends with ELLEN ZUCKER

November 20, 2010

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

“Keep in mind that the Tarot is a direct pipeline to your intuition.
The cards that you choose will reflect your state of mind.
And they will also reveal information your unconscious
picks up that your conscious mind is not yet aware.”

Ellen Zucker

Ellen Zucker’s  Using Tarot to Access Your Intuition FREE e-course is a fortune that arrives directly to your inbox after signing up at I won’t tell you more because if you are interested in either Tarot or intuition (no, you do not have to be a Tarot enthusiast to use this course to develop your intuition! But if you are willing to expand your Tarot knowledge this is the right place to go to!) I highly encourage you to try it for yourself.  I found a lot of practical applications in it, and when I learnt that in 2011 Ellen is going to have online classes Tarot Strategies and Astrology is More Than Your  Newspaper’s Sun Sign Column I have booked my place immediately! There are other classes offered, too, check them out.

Ellen is a double Pisces and if you have not been blessed by spending enough time with a Pisces… well, you won’t be able to imagine what a double Pisces is! I am a Pisces too, and am told to have 13 personalities; I am sure Ellen has even more but they all are governed by a practical Taurus, which helped her, after leaving the corporate world where she had a steady career growth for 18 (!) years, start her own business of bringing Tarot and Astrology to people via Faces and Fortunes, her smart business of  “helping thousands of clients transform parties into memories that guests cherish for a lifetime” via offering unique entertainment that gives each guest a tangible, personalized souvenir:  caricatures, Tarot and Astrology mini-readings.

Ellen has a BTR show about current Astrology trends and happenings, that helps you to plan your week considering the celestial movements… you can set your reminder here:

Today 11/20 at 4pm Central on the show Ellen and Victoria will talk about Tarot, Astrology and Intuition. Ellen will share tips and tricks and take in calls for on-air mini-readings. It is also a great chance to learn more about this courageous woman who swims where she feels she needs to.

Join the FUN-damental experience!!

Check out another great website by Ellen:


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