THE ULTIMATE SPREAD for Marcus Katz! Win the contest by 10/23!

October 17, 2010

by Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends,

on October 23rd, Saturday, at 4PM Central Marcus Katz, the man behind and is coming to our show on Blog Talk Radio!

He is bringing in a very wonderful present for the winner of his contest! Here are the guidelines for you:

THE ULTIMATE SPREAD! Imagine that last night you had a vision or a powerful dream in which you found yourself in the hidden temple of the Tarot Masters. In front of you was an ancient book. It was called the “Book of the Master Spreads”. You caught a glimpse of just one thing – the title of one of the spreads. Trembling, you opened a page and just a moment before the vision disappeared and you woke up… You JUST saw the title. What is that title?

Here’s some possibilities … “The Spread of Revelations”, “The 13th Key Spread”, “The Spread of Infinite Possibilities” or “The White Tree Spread”.

The entries should be sent to

The winning entry will be chosen live on air on the show and we will reveal what we intend to do with the winning spread – which will be the prize! The most imaginative, provocative, mysterious or elegant title will be favoured!



4 Responses to “THE ULTIMATE SPREAD for Marcus Katz! Win the contest by 10/23!”

  1. Celeste Cornelia said

    Evangalista…I love your show. Can’t wait to hear Marcus speak. Should be a lot of fun…Celeste

    • edvictoria said

      Dear Celeste thank you for following our show! Yeah, I am sure this will be a really fun and practical show. marcus always comes with something real nice to share: spreads and techniques are simply falling out of his pockets!!

  2. lillieruby said

    I sent in my idea *assumes the winning position :D*

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