After Talking with Catherine Chapman

October 3, 2010

By Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

Dear Friends!

The hour with Catherine Chapman of zipped by and before we knew it was time to say goodbye. We talked about Catherine’s way into Tarot, about spirituality and embracing one’s gifts, ways to develop intuition and stay true to one’s calling.

Catherine shared with us and our followers a lovely and clean new 3-2-1 spread, as all of her intuitive spreads this one is highly practical. Follow the link (or copy and paste it):

We learnt more about our lovely friend Catherine and ourselves during this hour, and, considering the lively life of the chatroom (omg, Storm! omg, Donnaleigh! omg, Theresa! omg, Anna! omg, Bonnie! omg, Lizzy! omg…. and so on and so forth!!!) — the show was success and stirred up some deep feelings.

Lucy de Lara, knows as Empressarcana, was a lucky gal to win Catherine’s authographed book, Beyond the Celtic Cross. Lucy said on Twitter: “Thank you for putting together such a wonderful show! I’m really honored I was part of it all, and winning such an amazing book!” — thank you Lucy for being our show’s friend!!

Our deepest gratitude to all who found the time to be with us on Saturday, October 2nd, from 4 to 5 pm Central time. You can always go back to the archives to download this and other episodes:

We apologise for not making enough time for on-air readings, but Catherine graciously agreed to visit us again for a full hour of call-ins and mini-readings! Let us check our schedule, and we promise to move things around a bit and bring Catherine Chapman back as soon as possible, probably, early in December 2010.

And last, but not least: your weekly Feng Shui tip, for which, unfortunately, we have not managed to have enough time, too.

Water in Feng Shui represents MONEY and FINANCES, so make sure that all of your taps close completely and not leaking: it is a sign of $$$ leaking out of your pockets. Close down the toilet cover and ALWAYS keep the doors to your toilets and bathrooms closed.

Have a wonderful week and we are impatiently waiting for our new show, on October 9th, 4pm central. Our guest will be Robert Lee Camp, Hollywood’s own Destiny Reader. Check out more about him at one of his websites:

Till we meet again for our FUNdamental experience of talking, sharing and learning on air 🙂


2 Responses to “After Talking with Catherine Chapman”

  1. Greetings Victoria!

    Thank you very much for the kind mentions on your blog. I cannot say it enough; I feel very lucky and fortunate. I loved the show! Catherine was amazing as always! You and Ed were amazing as well. ❤ It was great to be part of the show via chat. The chat was ever so amusing! The 'OMG' moment was pretty epic, to say the least. ;D

    I really can't wait to try out that new spread that was shared, too. ❤

    There were so many wonderful talked about topics. I will make sure to share my thoughts of Catherine's book once I finish reading it. I'm more than certain it's going to impact me like never before.

    Take care Vic, and hope to chat with you again in the near future. 🙂

  2. edvictoria said

    Dear Lucy,

    thank you for being our friend and listener! The book starts out a little confusing but fear not, it is pretty simple, only requires common sense and a bit of memorization; the system is logical so it helps.

    Take care dear and we’ll see you on next shows!

    Thank you for your kind comments 🙂


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